Thursday, October 9, 2008

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Family Pictures

Family Pictures..This is the first time everyone was together so we tried to take some family pictures. We have mom and dad,the original 6 smith 4 spouses plus 8 grand kids so you can imagine how fun that was but we've got a good lookin crew I'd say. My Zoey fell asleep on the way there and had to be woken up so she looks crusty. little stink would'nt smile.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008


Our little princess! wow shes cute but full of alot of attitude already. She has her cute moments .all of a sudden she talks like crazy she'll be 2 in dec. She learns and picks up on things really fast, like "NO" and the littlecute comments her aunt jessie teach herlike "hey hey" w a little shoulder shrug. She likes to sing and hands me my phone and says "dance " she loves books and can say the sounds of all the animals. But she has a temper alrteady. She loves to scream to get her brothers in trouble . or to get her way , and sometimes we just give in. she does know how to sign a few things so we've been able to know what she wants for a little while now.Mom sure loves to dress her up with "pretty" in her hair.She's a lot of fun to have in our family!


our little angel! We don't pick favorites it just comes so natural for him .He loves playing with his big brother . Whatever sport is available .Right now his 2 favs are golf and baseball everything he picks up is a bat or club. Then its like slow motion. He loves the movie sandlot . He walks around with a button up shirt open and running shoes just like benny and quotes "Benny the jet wodwiguz" he is just so easy going. He loves little zoey and makes sure to count her in on everything takes her by the hand and lets her come play. His favorite thing is candy and vegtables he would eat that for every meal.


our little fire ball. just started kindergarten. Mom lets him run wild all morning ( to waste all his energy ) then goes to school in the afternoon. He is a very smart student,always asking alot of questions .I wouldn't say he loves school...yet.He says "thats too much work for a 5 year old" He gets really excited to play with all his friends and really likes being in charge of his little brother and sister. He'll be a great babysitter one day yeah for mom! He is really into transformers right now and loves watching spongbob on tv. Every day he amazes mom with his questions.. like "How do you say this in french, or spanish?" Or" what language do you speak?"the best is when he wants something and says" Do you know what i'm thinking"that means i want that. we're supposed to read his mind i guess.He is a great helper around the house .Already loves mowing the lawn, doing the dishes,cleaning the toilets,claening his room. We

love that.